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Meet The Browning|Hocker Legal Team

As exciting as the courtroom can seem in a television or film scene, it is typically the last place that most individuals or organizations wish to find themselves. Civil litigation can be draining, prolonged and feel overwhelming, but sometimes it is simply unavoidable — whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in a case.

At Browning|Hocker, we believe that our litigation clients deserve fair, ethical, economical and superlative representation in civil matters. Collectively, our founding attorneys, William K. Browning and Robert N. Hocker, have more than four decades of experience in the courtroom as trial lawyers and litigators. They understand how to evaluate your case, anticipate moves and countermoves by opposing counsel, and fight to win during a trial. In addition to their trial experience, they also both have extensive experience in negotiating resolutions of complex legal disputes and deliver agreements and resolutions that work for their clients.

Our firm’s lawyers are able to represent your case in California’s state courts, as well as in federal and appellate courts. Robert Hocker has been retained to litigate and try cases outside of California. In addition to litigation work, they are also available to counsel companies and other organizations on how to proactively avoid business litigation and employment litigation claims.

Great Strength Comes From Great Concentration

While William and Robert have handled the full spectrum of civil litigation work over the course of their careers, they have become known for their focus on specific areas of the law. This has enabled them to gain the trust of their legal peers in the greater San Diego metro area, who regularly refer cases to our firm based upon our history of positive performance.

William has focused his current practice on employment law and employment litigation. He advises clients on a full range of employment matters, including disability and accommodation issues, investigations, handling difficult employment terminations, sexual harassment lawsuits, pregnancy discrimination matters, wage and hour claims, California’s whistleblower laws and many other related issues.

Robert has tried a wide variety of civil cases to verdict and currently devotes the majority of his time to complex business litigation and legal malpractice cases. Earlier in his career, Robert defended attorneys accused of legal malpractice. Now, he represents legal malpractice plaintiffs. He is also retained by clients who simply need a seasoned trial attorney on a wide variety of civil litigation matters. His experience in complex civil litigation and legal malpractice work has enabled him to closely appraise the actions of opposing counsel and craft strategies that create positive outcomes for his clients.

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Let us discuss your civil case and explore your options together. Contact us by email through our online form, or call William K. Browning at 619-234-2194 or Robert N. Hocker at 619-235-6818.