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Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Sexual harassment claims by employees against organizations have become a major concern over the past few years. These claims can diminish your organization’s reputation, and the legal costs of defending against a sexual harassment lawsuit can be huge.

At Browning|Hocker, our employment law attorney William K. Browning offers organizations with legal counsel on how to create a fair and safe workplace environment in California and avoid sexual harassment lawsuits and other types of workplace conflicts that can lead to litigation.

What Behaviors Are Considered Sexual Harassment?

Federal law protects employees from sexual harassment, as part of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964’s prohibition against gender discrimination. Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome sexual behavior that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment. Significantly, Title VII protects employees from harassment by opposite-sex or same-sex co-workers or supervisors.

In addition to federal laws prohibiting sexual harassment, the state of California also has laws related to this type of harassment which may impact your organization. Our experienced employment lawyer will help you understand your responsibilities at the state and federal level and learn how to protect your company.

Let Us Answer Your Employment Law Questions

William K. Browning welcomes questions from employers before, during or after a sexual harassment lawsuit. Our firm serves clients throughout the greater San Diego metro area.

To schedule a consultation with our employment law attorney, call 619-234-2194, or utilize our online intake form.