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Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnant women are protected from employment discrimination by federal law. California offers additional state-level protections related to pregnancy. Our law firm, Browning|Hocker, has a strong focus on employment law matters, and a lawyer with our firm can advise your company on the best ways to avoid lawsuits based on pregnancy discrimination claims.

Pregnancy Discrimination Defined

Because pregnant women are considered a federally protected class, employers may not use pregnancy as a reason for any of the following:

  • Refusing to hire a potential employee
  • Firing a pregnant employee while on medical leave
  • Demoting a pregnant employee
  • Insisting on forced time off for a pregnant employee
  • Denying reasonable accommodations to major job functions for pregnant employees
  • Refusing to allow medical accommodations for employees who are pregnant

Many aspects of how these laws play out in the workplace are not crystal clear, so it makes sense to consult with an employment law attorney if a specific pregnancy-related question concerns you or cannot be answered through your HR department. Our firm’s lawyer will examine your specific circumstances and provide suggestions tailored to your situation.

Strengthen Your Employment Policies Today

Our employment law attorney, William K. Browning, regularly counsels organizations on proactive steps they can take to provide stronger employment policies. We are located in the greater San Diego area. Call William at 619-234-2194, or email us via our online form to learn more.