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Employment Litigation: Your Workplace Law Examined In The Courtroom

Many employment lawsuits can be avoided by seeking counsel early on with an experienced employment lawyer who can guide you through the minefield of the overlapping state, federal and local employment laws. However, if you have an employment suit that cannot be avoided, it is vital to retain an experienced litigator who also possesses a thorough understanding of employment laws, and the experience to know when to go to trial and when to avoid it.

William K. Browning, co-founder of the Browning|Hocker law firm, has practiced employment law over the course of his entire career and has more than 20 years of experience as a litigator in workplace matters. He complements his law degree with an MBA, and prior work experience in construction, manufacturing, finance and advertising.

Our Approach To Employment Litigation

Collectively, the lawyers at our firm have more than 40 years of civil litigation experience. We have obtained outstanding results for our clients in civil actions, and we know how to fight for you at trial. When preparing your case, we consider insurance coverage issues, how litigation may impact future HR policy, asset protection strategies and managing the cost of litigation.

When faced with a lawsuit for an alleged violation of law, we can guide you from the start on the issues to be considered, including where the litigation should take place, whether the claim should be tendered to one or more insurance carriers or a third party, and whether the case should be litigated at all. Our focus will not be limited to the instant litigation threats, but will also consider the potential threat of similar litigation from other employees, available insurance limits, and of course, the cost of litigation. We are mindful of the fact that attorneys and litigation are a significant cost that you want to avoid to the extent possible, and that vigorous litigation is only one of the available options.

Our firm is small and agile, and we believe in providing responsive service to every client. Your attorney will be with you from the beginning of litigation actions to the end of your trial, and the appeal if it comes to that. Although most of our employment litigation practice consists of representing employers, we do represent individuals on their rights as employees and do represent plaintiffs with meritorious cases in employment lawsuits.

Tap Our Courtroom Experience To Strengthen Your Legal Team

Our firm represents employment litigation clients across the greater San Diego metropolitan area. For an assessment of your situation, call attorney William K. Browning at 619-234-2194, or utilize our online intake form.