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Legal Malpractice — What Is It?

Attorneys are sworn to serve and protect their clients, and obligated to place their clients’ interests before their own. The legal expectation, in California and elsewhere, is that they will competently and ethically represent their clients. Thankfully, most of the time, this happens, even if the lawyer is not able to win your case for you.

Unfortunately, sometimes attorneys do not protect and serve their clients; rather, they protect and serve themselves. Some attorneys take cases that they are not competent to handle or simply fail to do the legal work that is required of them. When an attorney fails to meet his or her obligations, the client’s life can be devastated.

At Browning|Hocker, Robert N. Hocker is a seasoned trial lawyer who has successfully handled many legal malpractice cases, including to verdict at trial. Earlier in his career, he represented lawyers who were defendants in legal malpractice claims; now, he uses that insider knowledge to represent plaintiffs who have been harmed by lawyer negligence, error, breach of fiduciary duty or other malfeasance.

Navigating The Complex World Of Legal Malpractice Cases

Suing an attorney is no easy task. Many attorneys are reluctant to sue a fellow attorney, and the legal system itself, designed and run by lawyers, often protects its own. Additionally, beyond proving that your lawyer made an error or did not competently represent you, you will also have to demonstrate that a financial loss occurred as a result of the lawyer’s actions.

Robert is well-trained in identifying the types of lawyer error that constitute malpractice, advising clients on what steps to take if their lawyer has made a mistake, and counseling fellow attorneys on how to report a legal professional’s malpractice behavior if they observe it. He handles these cases from initial contact through the trial and verdict, providing clients with responsive service and constantly keeping them updated of any developments in their case.

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If you believe your attorney has caused you damage, call us for a consultation to discuss your case. Email our firm, which is based in San Diego, by using our online contact form, or call Robert N. Hocker directly at 619-235-6818.